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We have prepared a list of the options available for caskets.

You can view the listings by clicking the links below. If you have any questions about the options available, please contact us.

Blue Tapestry

Blue Tapestry

Silver Tapestry

Norton Copper 20 Gauge

Norton Copper 20 Gauge

Norton Silver 20 Gauge

Norton White 20 Gauge

Norton Blue 20 Gauge

Carnation 18 Gauge

Harmony 18 Gauge

Sheffield 18 Gauge

Mother Remembered 18 Gauge

Father Remembered 18 Gauge

Kessler 18 Gauge

Hampton 18 Gauge

Hampton Honor 18 Gauge

Ruby Red Renaissance 18 Gauge

Blue Renaissance 18 Gauge

Lilac 18 Gauge

Going Home 18 Gauge

Graham 18 Gauge Oversize

Gloria 18 Gauge Oversized

Gregory 18 Gauge Oversize

Silver Rose 18 Gauge

Ebony 18 Gauge

Ebony Silver 18 Gauge

Triton 18 Gauge

Triton Antique Gold 18 Gauge

Triton 18 Gauge

Sterling Silver 18 Gauge

Sterling Gold 18 Gauge

Sterling Copper 18 Gauge

Sterling Orchid 18 Gauge

Sterling Ebony 18 Gauge

Majestic Pink Rose Stainless Steel

Sanctuary Stainless Steel

Cypress Solid Copper


Light Stouffer


Hilton Cherry

Herron Solid Poplar

Fairbanks Solid Pecan

McKenzie Solid Poplar

Westbrook Solid Maple

Kingdom Solid Poplar

Summerville Solid Oak

Montclair Solid Oak

Mission Solid Oak

Melody Solid Oak

Westminster Solid Cherry

Winston Solid Walnut

Diplomat Solid Mahogany