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Sedgwick Funeral Homes / PrePlanning

There are several advantages to you and to your family. First, you can arrange for a meaningful type of funeral service. You can select the casket and other merchandise that you want. This relieves your family of the burden of making those decisions at the time when they are emotionally distressed. They will not have to guess about your wishes. They will know because you have taken the time and the consideration to plan ahead.

Second, by making funeral prearrangements, you can also arrange to prepay or pre-finance. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that everything is taken care of and that there will be no additional financial burden or stress on your spouse, children, family, or friends.

Another advantage to you, the consumer, is that many funeral homes will guarantee the price of the funeral. This means that by paying for your funeral today, the funeral home will guarantee the price for the future. This will require you to deposit funds in a burial trust account (either IFDA Pre-Need Trust Fund or Pekin Life Insurance) and to let the interest accumulate.

We honor pre-arrangements from Any other funeral home and will honor any casket price from any other outside source.

This website is designed to guide you and your loved ones through the funeral planning process before the need arises. By recording vital information and funeral preferences in the spaces provided, you gain the peace of mind of knowing you have eased the burden for your loved ones in the event of a family emergency and that all your arrangements are exactly as you want them to be. A detailed list of your funeral preferences will be maintained at our funeral homes and may be viewed or edited at your convenience.

One of the most satisfying peace of mind benefits of planning ahead is knowing that the arrangements you make are aligned with your financial circumstances. As you scroll though our pre-arrangement section and our general price list, you can begin to get an idea of the cost of your particular personal funeral options.

Many people pre-fund their arrangements in order to relieve their loved ones of the future financial burden. At your request, our licensed pre-need specialist will arrange a conference to discuss your payment options.

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